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Ceremony's @ Sunset Hill Orchard 


How much?
Ceremonies are $1000 dollars for the use of the Tree & Chapel set up. This does not include reception. We recommend a reception at Stonebridge Country Club - 3 Miles away.


What about the details?
Day of the wedding there are many details to consider. For the ceremony the planning should include consideration for: The JP, the weather, the reception venue, bride delivery behind our beautiful set of doors, rehearsal organization (dinner), photography coordination. with on site help from Eulalie. 


What facilities are available? 
In the event of ceremony one Handicap Bathroom is included in the price of $1000. 

Photography @ Sunset Hill Orchard 

Schedule family pictures, tag, share and love Sunset Hill Orchard and consider a donation to keep it open for such use. Bring your own photographer or contact a frequent visitor/photographer Jen Bower @ 603.548.9250

More Offerings @ Sunset Hill Orchard

Stay tuned. More to come.  

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